Pokemon Go Scarves


Team Instinct Scarf


Team Valor Scarf

We’ve all been a little bit obsessed with Pokemon lately haven’t we? (I’m no exception) I’ve been working on these designs basically since the day the game was released. (Minus about a week of work for celebrating my 30th birthday.) I am unabashedly Team Valor (let’s be honestly yelling ‘For Valor’ is the MOST fun) but I respect the other teams and their players entirely.

This was my first foray into block printing actual designs rather than simple repeating patterns, and I’m a big fan of how they turned out. It was frustrating at first because the different designs of the team logos meant the bandana design couldn’t be the same for each team, but now I’m actually really like that each teams looks different.

My favorite type of geek paraphernalia is the more subtle kind, so I looked at a lot of more traditional bandana designs to get these figured out. For now I’m selling the designs to my friends & family via my Facebook page, but I’m also considering adding the designs to Spoonflower for people to cut out & sew for themselves.

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